ApertureData builds a database focused on images with $3M seed – Referus

When Vishakha Gupta and her co-founder Luis Remis teamed up at Intel Labs around 2016, they were tasked with figuring out how to manage the growing amounts of visual data (images). When the two founders delved into the issue by collaborating with academics and data scientists, they began an effort to build the right infrastructure to handle this growing body of specialized data.

They eventually concluded that they needed a new database, one built to handle images and the specific requirements of data scientists working with it. They saw that data scientists were forced to deal with multiple systems to process image data, and it was inefficient and time-consuming. They thought there must be a better way, and five years ago, when they were still at Intel, the two started working on a system to build a database that could handle all the work in one system.

Believing their first work was the foundation for a startup, they left Intel in 2018 and started working in earnest on a company, ApertureData, which they officially launched at the end of the following year, and continued to work on the issue.

The solution they eventually developed is called AperatureDB, a cloud agnostic database specifically designed to process all data related to working with images in one place, including the metadata, all done automatically, eliminating the time-consuming step of manual inspection. eliminated.

“If I’m a data scientist who’s supposed to look at the data and understand what’s going on, I have to [so much] of my time just arguing about it because [until now] there was not one database that understood this kind of data and this kind of user,” explains Gupta.

She added: “So that’s kind of what prompted us to solve this problem. Because my co-founder and I had to deal with this problem when we were at Intel. And we felt like if we ourselves, as we’re setting up this infrastructure, we need to understand how to solve this for a wider audience, and that’s what led us to found ApertureData and offer ApertureDB as a product,” she said.

The company currently employs 8 people and the goal is to have 15-20 employees by the end of the year. As a female founder, she certainly recognizes the importance of building a diverse workforce and, as a mother of two, the importance of balancing work and private life.

“You know there’s a classic Silicon Valley idea that you have to kill yourself to work on a startup. [We believe] you can really balance things out and have more diversity, and it’s important to be diverse, even in the beginning,” she said.

Today, the company announced a $3 million seed investment to help build the product further. The round was led by Root Ventures with participation from Work-Bench, 2048 VC, Graph Ventures, Alumni Ventures Group and Magic Fund, along with a list of industry angels.

The round closed last October, and before that, they were able to work on the product with the help of a National Science Foundation grant, some money from friends and family, and good old-fashioned boot straps.