Are Bloomberg Terminal Worth of Money

Bloomberg terminal especially if you have a business. That is very dependent on relationships with broker-dealers or you do an asset class. That is less liquid such as junk bonds or that type of stuff, not private equity necessary but publicly traded but still, let’s look at our options on smaller stocks Bloomberg is basically a treasure trove of data.

You can get data on just about anything whether it’s economic data whether it’s screening stocks by more obscure.

Fundamental metrics or customized fundamental metrics it’s useful for options tables and ball surfaces it’s usually getting quotes on fixed income or derivatives positions that have historically very low liquidity and find an accurate price and they tend to be very quick.

Bloomberg Terminal Worth Of Money

In terms of their headlines in terms of reporting data too and you get the little red underscore thing saying like okay this is something matters bam it comes right away as soon as it comes out Bloomberg is very fast it’s way faster than freely accessible alternatives for similar data points.

That is the some of the advantages of Bloomberg the other thing at Bloomberg is that the customer service is helpful in terms of if you want a specific research thing that you want to do.

they can help you find it or they can make it for you Bloomberg is very expensive it’s over two thousand dollars a month which is quite a bit for a single research tool but what they do is these I’m not sure whether it makes this worth it or not and again whether it’s worth.

It really depends on the size of your firm and how much of a that is a chunk of your budget for smaller companies it’s probably not worth Bloomberg for larger companies it definitely is and I don’t really know what the threshold is in between but though.

Bloomberg Report

If it comes to Bloomberg they believe the philosophy is that they will make your product worth whatever price they charge for you versus ever cutting prices.

So it’s very hard to get a deal I don’t know if anybody’s ever gotten a discount on Bloomberg.

But like instead they’ll say like what do you need out of this terminal.

You can tell them well Bloomberg doesn’t do x y z and then they’ll try to say look we’ll develop something.

If it’s something within reason I don’t really know what their definition is they will make they’ll add that product or add that piece of data if it’s available so like look we can include this and therefore it’ll be worth it the other prominent thing that people eat Bloomberg.

you probably won’t understand this but uh there used to be something called an I am AOL instant messenger in the 90s and early 2000s kind of like Facebook messengers without the social media platform it’s a place to chat and text people before when people still had phones that you had to use the numbers for letters it was they didn’t have keyboards and so, therefore, people would talk on their computers on this in Bloomberg chat is kind of like that but only finance professionals you can search somebody’s name if they have a Bloomberg terminal they will pop up on your search so you can find really anybody.


who’s institutional finance and contact them through Bloomberg it’s also how you people contact a lot of brokerages to make trades or reach out to other people they have group chats with friends in the industry and has a little community built in they even have like a Bloomberg version of craigslist.

The Bloomberg classifieds where you’d see the only like hedge fund managers would sell for each other like listings for like boats or timeshares in park city or other high-end luxury goods.

I mean I haven’t seen the Bloomberg classified in years but yeah it’s kind of its own little thing yeah the main perks are just the network through the chat function and the access to data.

They tend to be the best at it their clear system I mean again I haven’t used it in the last couple of years but I don’t think it’s changed that much it’s very clunky and it’s not the easiest on the eyes in terms of the user interface.

But once you do understand to learn how to use it it’s very practical and the main benefit i had as a professional research analyst is that it sped my time to get things done like stuff.

I would do it takes me a lot longer to find information that.

Need without a Bloomberg terminal I could find a Bloomberg terminal a fraction of the time.

So it’s just at the high price point for smaller business owners who are in this industry it’s not the value proposition this isn’t there so that’s my bottom line Bloomberg.

It is useful um you’re not going to get alpha or edge on Bloomberg.