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Meet Clear, is the launcher that creates the standard language of Figma and GitHub. Specify actions as the central repository and API for your design and asset tokens. In other words, designers can update canonical Figma files, and changes will be visible in the GitHub repository.

The startup has increased the $ 4.6 million seed cycle (4 million euros) led by Eurazeo. The Bpifrance Digital Venture Fund, 360 Capital and Seedcamp are also participating. Other business angels also invested in the company, such as Clément Vouillon and Didier Forest.

When organizations begin to take an important step in design, they want to create a design system with an integrated style of buttons, icons, fonts, logos, colors and more. For example, the login page looks completely different from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Pinterest.

And yet, it is often a hand-crafted process for both designers and developers. Designers create document pages with design tokens and assets in Confluence or Notion. Engineers should then inspect the documents in person and make sure they are using the latest equipment.

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Specify actions as the central repository of your design tokens and goods. First connect Specify one or more sources, and one or more locations.

For example, you can download information and data from Figma files directly. Designers can update something in Figma and changes will be reflected in the Clear. Explain actions as the only source of truth.

But changes can occur in your app very quickly. When something is updated, Specify can automatically create a drag application on GitHub – there is also a command line visible. Engineers can accept changes with a single click. In this way, colors, logos, fonts and more are updated without manual labor.

Specify does not want to limit its product to Figma and GitHub. There will be other data sources down the road, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. And Specify will be able to update multiple locations, such as Notion. The ability to push one version of the design into multiple locations can be especially helpful.

Product vision is clear. Specify you want to be a binding glue for design teams. “In our way, we look at our product that is similar to Segment, but by design,” founder and CEO Valentin Chrétien told me.

Photo Credits: Explain