Do you want your payment via crypto? – Referus

Hello and welcome to Equity, a podcast about beginner business, where we publish numbers and article considerations.

This week, Natasha and Alex and Mary Ann met once Chris and Kindness to kick off our regular Friday news rally. However, in this case, with the extra zip, as we look down on the long weekend that, let’s be clear, everyone needs it.

However, here is a summary of the show:

  • Don’t call us your tomatoes, friend.
  • Starting news of the week: Ro suggests even more despite previous reports of unrest, Airbase and Amex partners, and Deel want to give employers a way to fund their crypto payments, regardless of where their employees are based. Like Twitter he tells usthey are not the first company to try the crypto payment method.
  • The world that controls crypto is hot, with news from both India and the United States to be chewed up. Ours is to learn that a certain rule is good, but not all losses can be ended as a win. Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! ”
  • We also looked at the mental health market for people of color using the MindFi lens in the APAC region, and She Matters here in the United States. We’ve had some style questions to start with, but we tend to be strong about companies.
  • We also closed the marijuana market in both Germany and the United States. Alex and Natasha are busy, all of this while Mary Ann is taking care of the hemp seed allergies.

Thanks to those of you who posted our live show last week, we’ll be back next week on Hopin and Twitter Spaces so sign up to hear our OG program free of charge. Still, a fun show as a habit and just a reminder that wI left on Monday, but returned on Tuesday. Hugs!

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