Forex Brokers For US Traders

In this article, I’m going to show you the top three forex brokers for US traders. I know from the thousands of students in the academy the best part all of these forex brokers accept credit cards and have low fees. forex brokers for you as traders I know it is a pain in the beep to find a trusty broker especially in the u.s and in today’s article. I will share the top three and this is not a sponsored article I’m not paid by any of these brokers I just wanted to make a useful article for all US traders who can’t find the broker. What should you look for in a forex broker when you are looking for a forex broker there are four important criteria to consider before you invest your money.

If you stick to this list you will avoid getting burned you will need a broker that is regulated by the proper authorities in the US and has relatively low fees on each transaction.

Best Brokers For Us Traders

Lets you fund your account in a convenient way and uses a world-class trading platform that you can use on the type of device you prefer all of the brokers that I will mention in this article and those that we have on the broker’s page meet those requirements but please do not take it as a piece of financial advice you should make your own research and decide which broker you will select for trading.

So if you’re ready let’s do it these brokers all maintain net capital of at least 20 million this is the minimum capital requirement in the united states and it’s similar but not equal to what is required of forex brokers in other regions such as the UK where brokers must have at least 730 000 euro to show that they are financially stable if a broker can’t meet that requirement they might not be around for a long time are all of the best forex brokers for us traders regulated all of the top forex brokers for u.s traders are regulated in the united states the main regulatory bodies are the national futures association NFA and the commodity futures trading commission these bodies issue directives which help to prevent fraud stop scams and preserve market integrity.

Due to these rules, the leverage used for retail traders is limited the leverage that’s available is 1 to 50 for major currency pairs and 120 for all other currency pairs you can think of the NFA and CFDC as traffic hubs that encourage you to drive within the speed limit there are still some international brokers that accept traders from the united states you must always be careful with international brokers since all of them aren’t regulated by the authorities in the united states has 19.5 percent of global over-the-counter forex turnover but only a few brokers are authorized to offer services to u.s traders these brokers also allow you to freely choose the base currency that you prefer.

However, it’s important to remember that if you buy or sell in currencies other than your base currency you may be charged the currency conversion fee IG charges a standard fee of 0.5 for example so after you got the idea of regulators which are the forex brokers for you as traders all of the three are allowed to offer their services to you as traders these brokers all use either metatrader4 on metatrader5 as their trading platform giving you access to third-party APIs multiple technical analysis indicators and automated strategies

This software is world-class and with it, you can trade from any web browser you won’t need browser extensions or any additional software to use metatrader4 or metatrader5, and as you may know from the other articles I like to use MetaTrader because I can trade with the robots.

EA Studio

I create with EA studio which is the software I use for automated trading although I know that many of my students use these forex brokers in us you should always do your due diligence on these and any other brokers that you are considering using a relatively small sum of money to test how easy.

It is to deposit and withdraw funds from your forex account before you make a large investment you should also check out each broker in the NFL’s background affiliation status information center basic by using their NFA id basic check can prevent complications.

If you can’t find a broker that you’re interested in on the basic system by using their firm’s name an individual name or another identifier you should avoid doing business with them even on introducing brokers should be registered on basic if they are legitimate so if they are not there that’s a bad sign now when a broker as unregulated they are completely unaccountable for.

how they handle your money they don’t have to stick to any rules and are free to do whatever suits them you could invest with them today and they could disappear with your funds tomorrow is the largest broker in the united states and it’s registered with bot the NFA and the CFTC it’s been in business for many years and has established itself as a leader in the market, in addition, its parent company giant capital holdings are traded on the new york stock exchange and that further increases its credibility its sister companies are regulated in other major markets such as japan the UK and Canada so it consistently meets the standards of operation

that are set in these regions if you are opening an account with your debit or credit card you will only need to deposit hundred dollars and you could start trading within a few hours it is also listed on a stock exchange and discloses its financials so it’s considered safe like gained capital holdings.

It does business in the busiest and most highly regulated trading zones around the world it offers traders in us law spreads which make it easy to enter your ideal positions on board rising and falling markets it has more than 40 years of experience in the financial markets and it operates the North American derivatives exchange.


The CFTC regulates NADEX and while both are focused on similar areas they are managed separately IG offers low spreads to traders who are using the metatrader4 platform and they also have attractive offers for high volume traders of the three forex brokers for u.s traders featured here

It has the lowest capital requirement their spreads are low and they don’t charge commissions over 99 of its orders are placed in less than a second.

However, don’t let speed get you into trouble evaluate each trade carefully as an American forex trader.

You will have access to more than 50 markets with this including currency pairs such as the pound dollar-yen with this broker.

IG Forex

You can place all those online or over the phone, this company is us branch of the MX group which is known around the world and is regulated in markets such as the united kingdom and the European union also has some of the lowest costs associated with trading forex in the united states the spread for popular currency pairs starts from 0.7 pips on euro dollar which is the most traded asset and ig offer metatrader4 while uses metatrader5.

This means that if you use any of these forex brokers for you as traders you will benefit from advanced charting and a user-friendly interface in fact ig offers American forex traders additional perks such as its pro-real-time charting software which is fully integrated into meta trader 4. metatrader4 and metatrader5 are reliable trading platforms they can’t be easily manipulated unlike the strictly web-based trading platforms which are offered by some unregulated forex brokers these works brokers can adjust their platform so that you profit in the beginning but then sustain huge losses when you are ready to make a withdrawal, in that case, it’s really not you it’s them now what is the best leverage for u.s forex traders.

As we mentioned earlier regulations prevent forex brokers for u.s traders from offering leverage ratios higher than 1 to 50. Although this may seem restrictive it helps you to limit your losses if a trade doesn’t go your way always remember that using more leverage gives.


You less breathing room is hedging offered by u.s forex traders hedging is not offered by forex brokers for us traders hedging actually goes against the rules that have been set by the NFA and this is why u.s traders can benefit from it all.

Brokers that provide services to American citizens must abide by the NFA’s first in first out rule the FIFA rule says that you must close trades in the order you open them but only if they are the same trading amount some American forex traders get around.

This rule by opening two accounts with the same broker so they can go long and short on the same currency pair allows them to enjoy the benefits of hedging.

While staying within the boundaries that the NFA has set how much capital do you need to start trading forex in us the amount of capital that you will need to start trading on us will rise from one broker to the next

makes it easy for you to start trading forex with as little as five dollars in your account on the other hand ig requires.

You to have at least 250 in your account while has a minimum capital requirement of a hundred dollars for accounts that are funded by using a credit or debit card you should never use more than about one percent of your account balance on a forex trade since doing otherwise exposes you to unnecessary risk.

which payment methods can you use at forex brokers you as traders forex brokers for American citizens accept a wide array of payment methods.

Including debit cards and credit cards, some methods allow your forex trading account to be funded within a few hours while others take a few days at some brokers,

you might be charged a fee of one percent for using your card to fund your forex trading account if you like this article on forex brokers for you as traders.