Forex Trading: When To Buy and When To Sell

Forex Trading – It seems like a straightforward and simple topic that anyone could learn. When trading Forex gold stocks or any equity. When do you buy and when do you sell? when and why should you enter and exit trades there is a secret that is the ultimate solution to this challenge and is one that definitely escapes most people no matter how intelligent or educated they may be and if you learn it right now start here. With this article, you could save yourself years of frustration from loss of money and loss of time and instead become one of the few who master the skill of trading. So let’s get started with that right now and make it happen. You are aware by now that there are many completely different strategies and methods for entering and exiting trades and if you’re like me and most people and you have invested some time and money into learning some of these strategies.

You have probably discovered that most of them give you a very little edge or probability over throwing a dart at the wall or just tossing a coin. Have you ever put in a year or two into learning and mastering a new method only to finally discover that it just doesn’t work and then move on to put in another year or two into learning a different method or strategy and then discover that it really doesn’t work. Either as you begin to find out that the method that you’re following doesn’t really have anything to do with what the market itself is continuously doing in its endless cycles and if you ever question this was you. 

Forex Trading – Experience

Ever made to feel that even though you could prove that the method doesn’t really work that it’s really, you’re not following it properly and how did that make you feel when you discover what really does work in trading the first thing that should happen is that you discover something that is true about the market makes sense. If you’re doing all of this work to discover a method or a strategy that actually works in trading wouldn’t it make sense that you would be discovered at the same time simultaneously something? That is true about the market that you can see on charts and tests and I think that that’s why a lot of people want to see someone else’s account because they haven’t discovered anything that’s true. What I am about to reveal to you can be seen and known to be true whether anyone entered the trade as a result of it or not. When you discover what’s true about the market you don’t need to know if anyone was injured at that time it’s true and you can see that if you enter there in the future you’ll get profit once you know what is true about the market you will no longer care. Who entered there or who didn’t as a result of this natural phenomenon makes sense it will. 

Forex Trading Buy or Sell

If you have common sense so if you follow carefully now without any bias or prejudging and just suspend your disbelief you will discover something that is true about the market that you can use in your own decision process for knowing why and when you should enter and exit trains you will know for yourself when to buy and when to sell when you look at a chart the first thing that you want to see is that the market forms impulsive movements known as trends followed by corrective movements known as Corrections consolidations or counter trends. This is a chart of the daily timeframe for the US dollar unweighted index known as the Dow Jones US Dollar Index the FXCM. Dow Jones US Dollar Index you can get this from FXCM.

You can also get it through trading view but what you need to discover is that it doesn’t matter what pair you’re looking at or what time frame you’re looking at you’re going to see this phenomenon on every chart. That you look at and if you don’t automatically see it on a particular chart there are additional steps that can help you to learn how to see it or to guide you to be able to see it on some other chart or on some other time frame but what you want to see here is this is not about counting anything it is about a specific type of shape that includes the proportion the angle the overall shape and the proportion relative to other parts of the shape and it can take a little bit of time for YouTube to the skill to be able to instantly recognize this or here’s an example of something that is fairly close to.

What I would consider is the classic shape of a trend and a correction. This is the impulsive movement and there happen to be five primary waves going down and it doesn’t have anything to do necessarily with counting waves just like you know.

Forex Trading – Market Correction

 You know what it’s a part of things like that the correction has a specific shape. Now can you see that it’s true that if you identified the end of a correction if you have the ability to do that with a high degree of accuracy and high probability, you were able to do that maybe you can’t do it right now this minute but if you could can you see that it is true but that would give you the most profit that would be possible to get from trading if you don’t have that realization well you could look at the chart again and maybe try to use some?

Common sense and say you know if you could enter at the end of a correction, would that give you the most profit that would be possible to get would there be some other way that you could get more profit than that.

 So that’s the first thing is you would have to realize that it’s true that Marcos form trends they form Corrections and that if you could identify the trend end of the correction. 

you could get more profit than you could from any other method of trading so if you look anywhere like an old back here’s an impulsive wave and then I put this vertical line here.

 I can mark it so you can see here’s the ABC correction following that and that is not based on counting it but is based on the shape relative to the impulsive movement and there are no subdivisions or waves that are visible on this timeframe obviously. If you went to a different timeframe you would be able to see that so now I’m gonna go to different time frames. 

Shape the classic shape going up and here’s the same shape going down because this ended a bigger pattern on a longer time frame.

This is why you would see a trend going down following the Forex Trading trend going up.

 If you look at other charts and you don’t see what I was just describing here that is great because that means that you may be right on the verge of discovering the next step. Which is that there are other steps to being able to always see high probability trade setups. If everyone could randomly pull up any pair and any chart on any time frame and see nothing but a series of perfect wave patterns and perfect trade setups then trading would have no challenge

 Yes, there are other steps that are needed that’s gonna require more study and more practice.


There is a little bit of a challenge in taking those additional steps to be able to see these high-probability trade setups and yes that’s right it’s true. Reading will not be able to make a person have the kind of skill that we’ve been able them to have consistent success in training right and that’s why the best way to gain that kind of skill is to participate.