Hear how Snorkel AI set up and defeated Greylock on Referus Live – Referus

Snorkel AI was launched in the summer of 2019 and over a quick two years raised the total $ 135.3 million in funding five rounds. The rocket ship still seems to have gasoline, too. The company is no exception, and Referus Live is delighted to host founder and CEO Alex Ratner and Greylock colleague Saam Motamedi.

Snorkel AI started at Stanford AI Lab, where the team caught Greylock’s attention. The VC fund provided the company with seed money and office space. Later, it won $ 12 million for Series A and participated in $ 35 million in Series B and $ 85 million in Series C. Greylock partner Saam Motamedi joined the board of directors following Series A.

At Greylock, Motamedi focuses on business companies, investors and board chairs in Abnormal, Apiiro, Utmost and more. Moreover, his background makes him a great partner of the founders of the first phase. Prior to joining Greylock, Saam founded Guru Labs, the start of ML fintech, and worked on product management at RelateIQ, which was acquired by Salesforce for $ 400 million.

In 2019, at the age of 26, Saam Motamedi became Greylock’s youngest partner to date.

We are excited to host the two of them on the Referus Live episode which took place on March 9 at 11:30 am PT / 230 pm ET, where we will talk about how the two connected and what made Greylock a good Snorkel partner. . Click here to sign up for free!

Referus Live is all about helping beginners build better business-supported businesses. The founders and investors who sponsored them sat down to discuss how they met, what drew them to each other, and finally, and how they ended the deal. We also discuss the relationships they share in working together on a scale.

Also, this Referus Live episode features TCL Pitch-Off. People in the audience can log on to our visual stage to present their beginnings to our esteemed guests and get their live response.

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