How much is a pitch deck really worth? – Referus

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines.

We had the full crew on board today for our live recordings, led by our amazing production team elegance and Chrisand hosting the crew Mary AnnNatasha and Alex† All in all a success? Our streaming technology brought us to different internet platforms and people came to Hopin and asked questions. Thank you! It’s always a risk doing something new, so thank you for making it a win.

But enough of all that, what were we talking about? Here’s the overview:

  • Financing rounds from Mos (edtech + fintech), Alchemy (blockchain infrastructure) and Cooks Venture (patented chickens). The last round received the most attention during the shoot, leading to questions about the ethics of eating meat.
  • Peloton’s news, and the pandemic effect on businesses was next. Or more specifically, the changing impact of the pandemic on businesses. Peloton is suffering in the wake of the pandemic (although some argue it is more due to mismanagement than the pandemic), but other companies are emerging in reasonable shape.
  • From there we delved into the ethics of venture capitalists with side issues such as advisors. Our reading is that the setup can be done ethically, and as the investment market grows a cohort of check writers with smaller AUMs, some extra work to pay the bills may be unavoidable. The drama was illustrative, though more rude than necessary.
  • And we closed with insurtech. After insurtech stocks came under pressure, there is some optimism that better days are ahead.

Wow! We’ll be back in two weeks with another live show. Until then we are back to normal!

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