How this mother and daughter became co-founders and made professional training personal – Referus

Listen to the first episode of Found Live. We were joined by my mother’s second daughter Jordan Taylor and Edith Cooper who founded Medley – a team coaching center focused on personal growth and coaching. Talk to strangers find out about roaming the founder’s relationship with your mom or daughter. They discuss how important it is to be at risk in real communication and Jordan talks about his mental health problems and how he went about staying healthy while taking Medley down. And they answered the audience’s question about launching a community-based business even after everything had changed online.

If you missed this live episode, don’t worry, it will be live on Hopin every Thursday. On March 3, Toyin Ajayi from Cityblock will join the Found crew at 10 am PT / 1pm ET. RSVP to join us live.

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