Rakuten Symphony gets Kubernetes stage Robin.io – Referus

Rakuten Symphony, the newly launched telco arm of Japan’s Rakuten Group, today announced the acquisition of Robin.io, a launcher that provides the Kubernetes platform for sophisticated storage solutions and network applications. Rakuten Mobile was one of the company’s first customers and Rakuten Capital led the Robin.io Series C sponsorship cycle.

When it was first launched, Robin.io was very focused on storage solutions, but has since expanded beyond that to provide the Kubernetes platform with fully integrated features. Its marketing always emphasizes major telco operators, who have automated solutions for 5G service applications at Kubernetes and arrange for private 5G and LTE deployments, for example. The Rakuten Symphony, on the other hand, focuses on these types of traditional open source cloud services and services. It is also helpful that Robin.io owns 70 patents and counts many Fortune 1000 businesses worldwide among its customers. Sounds like a game made in telco heaven.

“I am pleased that the development of Robin.io technology over the past few years will now be a milestone in leading the vision of change in the industry. Our vision of easy-to-use, easy-to-use hyperscale automation is very well aligned, ”said Partha Seetala, CEO, Robin.io. “We believe that Robin.io customers will benefit greatly from the integration of cloud technology from Robin.io, as well as open-source infrastructure solutions that compete with the global Rakuten Symphony. This is an exciting phase for us as we work together to integrate a large ecosystem to bring high value to our customers worldwide. ”

Both companies did not disclose the acquisition price. Prior to today’s announcement, Robin.io had raised a total of $ 86 million in business support. In addition to Rakuten Capital, these investors include USAA, Hasso Plattner Ventures, DN Capital, Clear Ventures, Raine Next-Gen Communications and Emory University.