What is Bloomberg Anywhere?

In this article, I will introduce you to Bloomberg Anywhere

What Is Bloomberg Anywhere?

It is a surface that provides remote access to the Bloomberg terminal for the chk department of economics.

There is a limit on full concurrent access because Bloomberg anywhere uses the same quota as the physical terminals the department will provide.

This option while remote teaching is in effect prerequisite for access first you need a Bloomberg account last logged in on one of the department’s terminals.

There is unfortunately no way around this requirement you cannot sign up for an account online and you cannot access this service if you lost logged in on some other terminals.

If you have an account but it is inactive you can reactivate it by calling Bloomberg customer support at two nine seven seven six thousand seconds you need to install Citrix workplace the software is available from the Citrix website.

and it’s free to access procedures first make a reservation ahead of time at www e-o-o-k-e-d you can reserve up to six hours per week for no longer than two hours per session the second log on to bba.bloomberg.net with your Bloomberg account.

choose an appropriate method to receive your validation code you will either need to receive your code through email or SMS messages third choose from the available access options.

You can choose to launch just the Bloomberg terminal which launches just the Bloomberg terminal software alternatively you can choose to launch with the Bloomberg excel add-in which will launch a full-featured excel running remotely on Bloomberg’s servers in addition to the terminal software.

Bloomberg Terminal

Finally, remember to lock off an exit Bloomberg terminal before the end of your reservation now let us proceed to the demo so first, you will have to install Citrix workplace you can download it from the Citrix website.

They have a workspace app for windows mac ios Linux android you name it they have it so that’s the first thing you have to do once you have that installed you can proceed to bba.bloomberg.net and enter your Bloomberg login name and password and click login.

and you will have to choose the method you want to receive your code and I’m going to choose mobile phone so i’m going to enter my code and there you can choose to launch.

Just the Bloomberg terminal or launch Bloomberg terminal with excel add-in so I’m just going to launch the Bloomberg terminal itself it will proceed to download the file and just open it so it takes a while to open there you go now one as you see the uh terminal wants.

you that your screen is not large enough uh there are so many windows that get opened I really suggest that you do this with a computer with a large screen if you’re using a laptop.

Final Thought

You probably want to connect to a second monitor but the feature otherwise is identical to what you get in the physical terminal so there you go now once you are done remember to lock off and exit this is very important and there you go this is how you access Bloomberg anywhere