What is Travel Insurance Plan | How To Choose Best Travel Insurance

Hello friends! A travel insurance plan policy is a comprehensive insurance plan which provides you coverage during your insurance plan so that you do not face any obstacles during your trip. Along with the coverage of your trip, it also provides you with medical facilities and also covers your medical expenses. It also saves you from the various other risk factors that may incur during your trip. This is a highly beneficial plan and whenever you plan your trip, we recommend you to include this plan in your list so that you can enjoy your trip happily and completely.

A travel insurance plan provides you with global coverage against unforeseen events such as medical emergencies, loss of baggage doing travel, incurring an accident, loss of passport, etc. To save yourself from such incidents, which can spoil your trip in no time, you should purchase a travel insurance plan. One important thing to note is that your travel insurance plan also provides you with medical coverage for Covid 19, without any paperwork. There are enough benefits to buying a comprehensive travel insurance plan because it secures your trip and saves you from the financial burden.

  1.  coverage is Medical expenses
  2.  Personal Accident.
  3.  Medical Evacuation
  4.  Loss of passport
  5.  loss of checked-in -baggage.
  6.  Theft/ loss of personal belongings.
  7.  Trip cancellation and curtailment.
  8.  Trip Delay.

Let’s talk about, the features of travel insurance policy which are essential to be known. because the travel insurance plan covers our domestic and international trips both and the travel insurance company also provides us with good assistance They are always available in the time of need.

Features of travel insurance

1. Emergency Hospitalization and medical treatment facility. If you fall sick during your travel then your travel insurance plan provides you with medical assistance, without any delay.

2. Our next feature is compensation for flight-related adversities, which can be of use anytime. If your flight is delayed, or there is a loss of baggage, then the travel Insurance Company is there to take care of you.

3. Trip- Related adversities. This is also a very special feature for you. If due to any reason you have to delay or cancel your trip, then your travel insurance plan is going to come to the rescue.

4. Next feature is cashless hospitalization in case you are hospitalized or are taking any kind of medical treatment, in any empaneled hospital, provided by the insurance company, then your hospital bill will be settled by your travel Insurance Company itself. All this will come under cashless hospitalization.

5. The next feature has been specially designed for senior citizens and customized as per the needs and requirements of their age. Hence if you wish for a hassle-free amazing trip, it is advisable to take a travel insurance plan. This feature fits perfectly for the people who have an interest in travel.

This is also best for those frequent flyers who travel multiple times a year. Frequent Flyers are given perks and other facilities as well on their every single journey. Hope you must have found the features of travel insurance quite interesting. Now it’s time to know about various types of Travel Insurance Plans. We offer various types of insurance plans to travelers. These plans are designed according to kids, adults, students, and senior citizens. About types of plans Travel plans:

on the basis of the geographical border.

1. Domestic travel insurance: These plans have been designed especially for those who wish to travel within India. This plant safeguards you and your family and also saves you from financial burden.

2. International travel insurance: Whenever you travel all over the world, across the globe this plan will help you right there. This plan has a wide range and provides you assistance with medical, dental expenses and financial assistance, personal liability, and such types of assistance.

3. Schengen travel Insurance: this customized plan is for people who travel overseas and has been designed for Schengen countries. It will work best for you if you travel to more than one Schengen country. Then this is the best plan for you. Under the plan of travel insurance to get covered from unforeseen events which can ruin your trip and may cause financial losses too.

Looking at the above factors, it is indeed essential to have a travel plan.

Categorizing it on the basis of types of travelers:

1. Family travel insurance: This plan is specially designed for families who enjoy traveling together so that they can enjoy the trip to the optimum. This usually covers policyholders’ spouse and their children the sum assured amount for individual or family floater is easily available and everyone is provided the best coverage.

2. Senior citizen travel insurance is a tailor-made plan designed especially for elderly people. Some travel insurance companies cover people above 60 years of age in which, they provide the benefits of health insurance. This plan provides facilities for emergencies, medical expenses, repatriation of mortal remains, loss or delay of baggage, etc.

3. Student travel insurance This is a student-friendly plan and can be customized as per one’s requirements. It comes with an extended warranty of two years. Along with basic coverage, it provides you with use sponsor protection, medical evacuation, bail bond, and such.

4. Corporate travel insurance This plan has been designed to cater to the needs of corporate travelers that is people who travel for corporate or business trips. Since corporates have needs for frequent travel usually its validity is one year.

5. Group Travel insurance This plan has been designed for people who travel in tour groups, for industrial training, etc. This policy is the best one for domestic as well as international travel.

6. Medical travel insurance This plan provides extensive coverage to you and your family. along with financial assistance, this plan provides you with medical assistance too.

Irrespective of whether you are traveling domestically or internationally,

On the basis of insurance policy validity

1. Muti Trip travel insurance This plan is beneficial for people having multiple trips in a year. Although it provides you the same benefits as any other plan, you do not need to buy a travel plan repeatedly. This plan can save a lot of your hard-won money. 2. Single trip travel insurance This plan has the provision of protection for a single journey. This includes your baggage coverage, trip delay or canceling coverage, flight delay or cancellation coverage, etc.

Other Types of Travel Insurance Plans

1. Baggage Insurance It may happen that during travel your baggage is lost. It can be stolen or misplaced. With a baggage insurance plan, you need not worry, In such circumstances, it comes to aid and eases your tension.

2. Flight insurance This is a custom-made plan for flight-related emergencies or problems. It is a comprehensive plan in which you get the benefits of health and baggage insurance. So, you have seen the various types of travel insurance. We hope it was beneficial for you. In order to understand the type of plan one needs to wish for, the person opting for a travel plan must surely see this video. Moving on to our last topic-: Why should you buy a Travel insurance plan? 1. While traveling, you may anytime face medical emergencies. To overcome them it is important to take travel insurance. 2. Travel insurance is mandatory in case of travel to other countries.

3. In cases of travel to a remote location, where there there is non-availability of proper services, then a travel insurance plan comes to health and provides you with your much-needed facilities.

4. If you wished for a stress-free safe trip you must opt for a travel insurance policy.

5. You must be surprised to know that your travel insurance plan covers your dental expenses too.

6. It sometimes happens that, you have to face flight-related adversities such as flight delay, checked-in baggage lost or stolen, missed connected flights, etc. In such circumstances, a travel insurance plan is quite beneficial.

7. During the trip this plan provides protection cover for you and your family.

8. Travel insurance company provides you compensation if during that trip your baggage is stolen.

9. Sometimes there are certain accidents that involve us being legal liabilities. In such circumstances, a travel insurance plan comes to the rescue and covers the expenses.

10. The cases where your cash is stolen and you have no cash then the travel insurance company provides you with the assistance of emergency cash. We hope that you do now understand why a travel insurance plan is essential to buy. This plan is highly beneficial and you should buy this plan for travel so that you can enjoy your trip fully.